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Who are Vape Explorer

After taking up vaping as a way of giving up smoking, Vape Explorer quickly found that the choice of liquids on offer in the UK at that time was, shall we say, less than stellar.

While spending a lot of money on liquid after liquid and experiencing the frustration of hardly any quite living up to the claims in their flavour labels,it was easy to see why many of Vape Explorer’s friends were slipping back from vaping and returning to standard cigarettes. After all, health benefits aside, how many liquids that tasted of nothing could you buy before coming to the conclusion it was all a waste of effort and money?

It was while on a trip to the U.S. and a visit to a bricks and mortar store that an awakening to a world of flavours they didn’t think could be possible took place and a realisation that almost all of the products currently been offered in our country were not even in the same league in comparison. Meeting with some other producers showed them that there were many untapped creators just wanting to get their liquids out there.

After shopping around Vape Explorer found there was very little option in the U.K. to obtain the eliquids they had been trying. So they set out on a mission.

Why put up with customs hassles and waiting for packages that might never come? Why purchase eliquids without never really knowing where they come from, who made them, or what is actually in them?

Vape Explorer decided there should be a place that sought out the craft vapor companies, that found the companies making unheard of flavour combinations and the ones who are just the best at what they do and bring them to everyone.

Vape Explorer promise to provide you with the best liquids at the best prices. They are always looking to test out new brewers and new flavours.

Vape Explorer ship worldwide and offer free UK delivery over £25

Vape Explorer Coupons and Discount Codes

Vape Explorer Coupons and Discount Codes

10% off all non sale items

Get 10% off at the Vape Explorer Website, this excludes sale items


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