Asmodus Minikin Kodama Edition 150W Stabilized Wood Box Mod Review

Asmodus Minikin Kodama Edition 150W Stabilized Wood Box Mod Review by Chris Leonard

So lately we have been lucky enough to look at several asmodus devices , the Minikin v1.5 and asmodus minikin v2 .
When a device is right how do you make it better , well that’s a tricky one , some may argue if its not broken don’t fix it . And to an extent, I have to agree , but then there is the other way of looking at it , how about we make it better again , well that’s what asmodus has done with this device .
Now lets not beat about the bush this ain’t for all , its a wee bit expensive at $299,99 its something your really going to have to want so is it worth it , well I got to say yes I adore this little device . So lets see why .

Asmodus Minikin Video Review


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Asmodus Minikin Specification

The Hybrid Stabilized Wood Kodama Edition Minikin’s feature the reworked battery door’s as well as vibrant colouration due to their “hybrid” style construction. The Hybrid Kodama Minikin has a higher blend of acrylic mixed into the stabilized wood of the mod’s body to give them an amazingly unique and vibrant finish. Each Kodama is painstakingly crafted and looks completely different between unit to unit.
The Minikin Kodama Hybrid has structural stabilized wood with added acrylic that creates a firm, high quality body and has a heavy duty feel. This device features the newly implemented pressurized battery door, the very first of its kind in a dual battery stabilized wood mod. A mini USB port has been implemented to grant the capability to charge if preferred by the user.
The Kodama Minikin also features increases in its functionality with its OLED screen displaying the individual charge of each battery that is being used by the mod. This will show the user if a battery is being used more than another. This can happen if batteries have not been married (purchased together and used together solely) but with this new technology, you can quickly remedy the situation. The Kodama also allows the user to manually adjust the resistance that is read from the atomizers with ease. This device features newly implemented TCR and TFR options to further enhance its performance. With TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) you are able to manually adjust the resistance that is read with your particular coil or build so you will always hit your sweet spot. With TFR (Temperature Factor of Resistivity) mode the Kodama permits the user to use hybrid builds that have a mix of wire types. The Kodama retains hyper power saving capabilities which in turn makes your two battery mod feel as if it contained three batteries. Batteries of at least 30 amps each are required to make these power saving and power boosting functions work at their full potential. This device with its sleek and smooth maple wood design fused with 304 stainless steel will be a great addition to your arsenal! The Kodama will arrive in a Multitude of colours soon to be announced! Pre-order yours today to insure you get this newly innovative device.
Each Kodama includes a high quality, collectible wooden box! The wooden box features our logos and and perfectly accommodates the Kodama for prime protection as well as an exotic look which is sure to turn heads.
The Minikin Kodama will not work with Samsung batteries due to their length.


So there it is in all its glory ladies and gents and once again, thanks for all your ongoing support with the channel and videos, don’t forget to spread the word #approvedvapers were here to stay and plenty of more exciting vaping products going up soon for review.
Vape on, Vape Safe and Enjoy the clouds.

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Overall Conclusion

9 Total Score
Good solid Device

If you can afford one then get one, it is a really nice bit of kit.

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