10 in 10 with Tom Day

Ten questions in 10 minutes

In this 10 in 10 we catch up with FlatWireUK Sponsor,male model and exceptional coil maker Tom Day. Without further ado :-

Tell us a bit about yourself Tom

A bit about myself – I’ve done all sorts in the past. I used to be a semi-professional BMXer, I’m a published alternative model, I used to get asked to do graffiti murals by the local council and my next venture is everything to do with vaping!


When did you start vaping and why ? Was it to quit smoking ?

I started vaping around ten months ago. I suddenly got sick of smoking but I needed something to get me through my fourteen hour shifts in a rusty warehouse where I was manually moving upwards of two tonnes of stock per day. My boss hired somebody and he had this strange box thing that I’d never seen before. It was Innokin mvp3.0 and I loved the smell of the custard cream he was vaping. As soon as I got back from work I ordered myself an Innokin mvp3.0 pro and within a week I’d gone from smoking 30+ cigarettes a day to being completely smoke free!


What is your favourite Vape Mod and tank combo and why ?

My favourite mod would be the Soulreaper from Kvlt mods. It’s an unregulated dual parallel mod. My favourite atomiser is the Twisted Messes2 because I love my big builds and open airflow.


Which coil takes the most time to make ?

The coils that take the most time to build are alien framed staples because there’s a lot of steps involved and each needs to be perfectly executed before you can move on to the next.


What made you start making fancy coils ?

I first got into building coils around fifteen weeks ago. I ordered some pre-made clapton wire and I was shocked at what a difference it made compared to regular round wire. From then on I was fascinated by all the different wire types, combinations of what you can do with them and the characteristics each has to offer.


Tell us a bit about your sponsors

I’m currently sponsored by FlatwireUK and I’m on the official Flatbuildz team. Flatwire make the highest quality competition wire – the maximised surface area provides instant ramp up, more flavour and far more vapour compared to other wires!


Whats the difference in flavour with different coils

A lot of people are still unaware of the difference in flavour each wore type has to offer. Round wires, obviously, are the bog standard. Next is claptons, then you jump up a level with fused claptons and staggered fused claptons. And then you have aliens, framed staples and staple staggered fused claptons (to name a just a few). The larger the surface area and the amount of tiny capillaries within the coil determine how much juice they can hold and how much vapour they exhaust. Simply put, if you think round wire provides great flavour and excellent performance you’re going to be amazed at how much more depth of flavour you get and how emphasized the more subtle notes of the juice are.


What eLiquid can you not live without and why

My favourite juice of all time is Strudel by the Pastry Boy. It’s what I’ve always wanted from a juice – It’s a  nice blueberry strudel with a vanilla bean icing!


If you could design a coil and name it what would it be ?

If I were to create a new type of coil I’d have to name it something according to the way the coil looks or performs. I honestly wouldn’t be able to pick a random name and call it that. It would be like naming a dog after your favourite furniture store haha!


Where can people buy coils from you ?

If you’re interested in enhancing your vaping experience you can message me directly or via my Facebook page, Mtncoils. I try to offer the lowest prices without sacrificing on quality and a donation to charity is made with every purchase!


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