10 in 10 with Chuffing Mad

In this 10 in 10 (10 questions in 10 minutes) we interview the lovely Supriya of Chuffing Mad.

Tell us a bit about Yourself

I’m Supriya, 31 from Wiltshire. My partner is Adam and we are parents to Cameron, our 7yr old son. Adam Lewis and I are co-owners Chuffing Mad company that has been making e-liquid since 2013, we were lucky enough to get to work with Chris and Karen the founders & we are rapidly expanding the business and taking it to the next level by launching a ready to mix dilatable range under the brand FlavourMate basically all our tried and tested flavours will be available as concentrates for you dilute yourself.

My day to day job is manufacturing the vaping products, marketing on social media, (I run a busy twitter and Instagram account) and helping out in the Facebook group.

When did you start vaping and why? Was it to quit smoking?

Yes, I always smoked on and off & I really got into vaping for the health benefits. I researched it before getting involved and found a lot of positive reviews about making the switch. So, I used vaping as a way of getting myself off the cigs & now that I’m off I vape at nicotine levels between 0mg and 3mg. My boyfriend was spending all his money on expensive mods so I decided to try them and within a month i had given up smoking.

What’s the best part about vaping for you?

The flavours, you can get absolutely anything that you can imagine, any flavour or combination of flavours to suit you at any given time. I started at 20w now I am finding sweet spots at 70w, we are constantly trying new products and strive to provide the best.

I find there is a flavour to suit every mood. As well as a flavour to accompany whatever you are eating or drinking at the time!!


What is your favourite Vape Mod and tank combo and why?

I have a Cartel X200 mod with a 30ml VCMT tank which I use when I want something that packs a big punch and produces heavy clouds. My on-the-move daytime vape which I’m in love with is the Stride mod with a Tvf8 tank.


What eLiquid can you not live without and why?

Right now the one I can’t let out of my sight is ChuffingMad’s Custard Creams, it’s just such a nice sweet vape that goes nicely with pretty much anything. I’m just a tea and biscuits girl at heart haha.. I also love ChuffingMad’s London Fog ,I’m a big fan of this right now, it’s a classy Earl Grey flavoured vape, with a smooth extra sweetness to it

Chuffing Mad Custard Creams


What got you into the vape industry?

I really like the culture of vaping, I got into the online groups when I began and it was really helpful for me as I learned a lot about mods, tanks, building & common techniques & tricks that belong to individual mods and tanks! My partner and I met Chris & Karen through vaping, they were our main suppliers and we got on fabulously with each other. So, when a chance came to work alongside them in a new venture we jumped at it! It has a feel good factor too it helping people quit.


Tell us a bit about Chuffing Mad…

The Chuffers are a crazy bunch, that’s for sure. They are a really fun couple and they’ve created a lovely community within the world of vapers where people can come and discuss things, have fun, ask questions, enter competitions, see the new products, be entertained and generally feel like part of the big vape family! They’ve really built on a their customer fan base and their customer satisfaction is plain to see!


Why should people buy Chuffing Mad products ?

Why shouldn’t they? Chris is a genius with his flavours, I think he’s a total flavour wizard, his mixes are incredible and they keep people coming back. Karen runs the Facebook group with a team of admins and they continuously interact with the customers and they make everything fun! These guys have a great sense of humour and their customer service keeps customers coming back time and time again.


Whats on the horizon for Chuffing Mad?

Wow, So many exciting things, we have a new line of concentrates called FlavourMate we’ll be launching very soon & you can follow us on Instagram @flavour_mate we are also constantly working on new flavours to blow your mind. Along with this we’ve made a major move into supplying hardware and all things needed to keep on vaping.

Where can people buy your products?

You can ask us questions about our juices and hardware at….. www.Facebook.com/chuffingmad also you can do this by emailing……
sales@chuffingmad.com and you can buy our products at www.chuffingmad.com. . Favourite is flavour_mate on instagram and flavourmate on twitter, I feature as the vape model.

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    VaperManc October 1, 2016 at 5:22 pm

    Wow that chick is hot … Think I will have to place an order with them haha . Good article guys

  2. Reply
    Gemma October 1, 2016 at 5:24 pm

    I am in love 😍😍😍😍 what’s that mod you have ?

  3. Reply
    Adam October 2, 2016 at 12:21 pm

    The mod is a Cartel x200 DNA with a Tank v2 by Scottua

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