10 in 10 with Chris Leonard of Approved Vapers

Tell us a bit about yourself Chris

Hey guys and girls ,Big Salute to you all ha ha ha sorry I could not help myself ,  Well im Chris from Approved Vapers Videos YouTube channel www.youtube.com/approvedvapers ,  and Approved Vapers Facebook Group where i’m a founder admin and member. I Work for Barracuda Vape here in south Wales , I’m 39 and live in the heart of the welsh valleys and I love it here such a laid back atmosphere where I live.


When did you start vaping and why ?

Well i’ve been vaping for 4 years now and it was more of a lifestyle change for me to be honest , I was a 60 roll up a day smoker and my health was suffering do to this , i’ve got 3 children and wanted to make a change so I could be around to see them grow up to be honest there my life and nothing is more important to me than making sure that there dad is there for them. So I toddled off to a local vape shop and picked up my first kit and never looked back.

As a result my health has improved dramatically and i’m doing things now I never could do before , as soon as I started vaping I got the bug looking for new and exciting flavours and the hardware aspect really excited me .


What’s the best part about vaping for you?

Funny thing this,  was talking about this on my livestream a few episodes back , its a community there is no other community like it at all , were all one disregarding , race , age , gender , religion were all here for the same thing , to keep us smoke free and enjoy sharing experiences , knowledge , likes and dislikes , we all seem to come together like a unit to spread the word that we can all live a better,  healthier life and enjoy tastes that while smoking just simply was not possible .


What got you into the vape industry?

Honestly a good friend of mine , John Bold From Bold Vape / Approved Vapers and Stephen Bradley decided to Start Approved Vapers and Stephen Asked me would I like to Join and Become a Admin when it all started. This excited me as there was a few Groups about at the time and its was like joining in with a bunch of mates for a good laugh and build something new and exciting  , now a brief background of myself  I was a DJ form the age of 13 and was lucky enough to play big events and clubs , I had a incident which stopped me playing due injury and felt kinda lost , I enjoyed the showmanship of being in the public eye . After speaking with John he mentioned that he wanted to get someone to do some reviews done for some products , of course I offered my services and Approved Vapers Videos was born .


What is your favourite Vape Mod and tank combo and why ?

My God this is a Hard one , being a reviewer im a lucky guy to try some many great devices out , But if I was to nail one Device that really floats my boat it would have to be my Slammer Mods UK Custom Wide boy DNA250 Li-po with my YouTube channel Acid Etched on it , its a one of one , Tim From Slammer Mods is a Proper Craftsman and a Master of his work ,the man clearly has OCD ha ha , his attention for detail is sublime , its a beautiful device with plenty of power , and when speaking to Tim he’s a great guy to talk to if you can think of it he will make it .

Tank would have to be My OBS Crius Plus , Just Love this tank its been a doodle to build on , ive had no issues with it at all it just works and works damn well , flavour is spot on and vapour production is superb , easy to fill , having said that The Engine by Obs is nearly knocking it off its perch at the moment . Love what Obs are doing right now , Although I would say that I also love the Kay fun V5 at the moment .


What e Liquid can you not live without and why

Hmm mm Jesus don’t make it easy for me will you ha ha ha , OK so my all day is AVB Custard Doh and Smurfs Blood both these flavours are superb all day vapes , very easy on the taste buds and not to complex just straight up good stuff for every day vaping , Andrew the owner has done a exceptional Job with both these flavours , Custard Doh is the best doughnut flavour ive tried to date , and if you love Blue Slush , this is on point , since we introduced it in to Barracuda Vape the Store I work at here is South Wales this out sells every premium Juice we have , if we don’t have stock there its like a scene from the walking dead were walkers are banging on the windows for it .

But for something that I yearn for its got to be Ethos Athena its a Pomegranate and Watermelon that is so so refreshing , the combination of the two fruits really complement each other and another favourite of mine is Home Town Hero’s Angels Tears Which is Watermelon , Coconut and Berries , its very complex but has a exceptional flavour profile. 

Your a YouTube star in our eyes, tell us about your YouTube channel.

Wow thanks for the Comment man , I don’t know about being a star but its nice to know the channel is going down well .

OK So as I mentioned the Channel was started about a Year and a half ago , and I love the Big guys out there , but I always wanted to keep it real if it makes sense , my review are like talking a trip to you knowledgable friends house for a sit down , chat , banter , fun and while your there picking up some helpful information and tips that might aid you on your vaping journey . It really starting to take off and some excellent companies are getting involved .

I’ve been very lucky indeed that some Great people and companies have wanted me to review there products .

The way I format the channel is that I like to tell it as it is, if I don’t like it I will totally tell you that’s for sure ,  so I don’t edit out the mess ups , or bad bits to make it real , something I don’t like is that a lot of reviewers don’t tell it as it is .

I’ve got some excellent followers and as a way of paying it forward we started the livestreams on the channel to interact a lot more with the viewers , we have some amazing guests , we do like a cheeky giveaway for our viewers to .

Part of the show are the guys that help me each week in week out , people like Carl from Carl’s Vaping Reviews , Stevie D from Vaping Donkey , Doug Eccles from our Admin Team on Approved Vapers Facebook Group , Big tom From Big Tom Vaping Crew / Yorkshire Vaper , Oddie Hodson and Paul Caird , all awesome and very knowledgable guys and good friends. The show would not be the same with out them, we get drunk a lot and obviously that’s when the banter starts .

But as for the Reviews I like to get about 5 videos out a week , im not much once for sleeping lets put it that way lol , and as im learning I like to help others with my videos that’s basically the ethics behind my channel.


Tell us a bit about the Approved Vapers Facebook Group…

Yeah sure no worries. Well Approved Vapers is a Facebook Group that was started by my Good Friend John Bold from www.boldvape.co.uk and Mr Stephen Bradley a seasoned and all round great fella , i’ve been there from day one myself as a founder admin , its a group for like minded vapers , you can come and chill and get some great information on vaping , share your views, tips , set ups , pics and knowledge .

From day one we wanted to create a place where people can come disregarding any orientation in life and just enjoy each others company and we have some superb admins New and Old  to help every member along the way .

We have a dedicated Approved Vendors that get vetted on the Group that offer a full range of discounts for high quality products for our members as a little way of giving it back all of this is done at no profitable gain and of course we love a giveaway .

We’re Really lucky I feel as we are fast Approaching 17000 members and it wont be long before Approved Vapers will be the Largest vaping group in the UK , I would like to say on behalf of all our admins , kudos to you all guys you make the group what it is and its a pleasure to be a part of it.

Approved Vapers Videos

Whats next for Approved Vapers ?

Well On wards and upwards I suppose , keep putting out videos for people to enjoy ,make sure the livestreams are fun and full of banter and knowledge , bigger and better guests ,  keep the Facebook group rolling , Keep enjoying what i’m doing . I never expected most of what’s happened to be honest , so just got to keep riding the wave .

Where can people buy the Approved Vapers clothing range ?

A Full range of approved vapers videos clothing is currently being worked on as we speak and the Facebook group run by a good friend of mine “Vaping T-shirts” is in the process of drawing up the clothing , build mats , mugs and underwear , OK so the last bits a lie ha ha , but you never say never hey.

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    Jamie October 18, 2016 at 11:39 am

    Great Facebook Group and Youtube Channel. These guys are down to earth,

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