10 in 10 with Canadian Vape chick Rose Thompson

Tell us a bit about yourself Rose

Ooouuu! My favorite question! Well, I live in Ottawa, Canadas capital. I’m 31 and a mother to my amazing 11-year-old boy, Aden. In my professional life, I’m a nurse by trade, currently running my ex husbands medical practice. Before that I contracted with Big Pharma, running chronic disease screening clinics but that got old right quick. I also have another business called 11:11 Tarot in which I use cards to offer realist advice and positive outcomes to clients. I do most of the paper shuffling at home for the medical office so it was the perfect opportunity to dick around in the Facebook vaping groups as Queen Dipshit.


We see you love your food, what is that cookie thing we see you post about?

That cookie is no ordinary cookie. I bake an “Epic Meal Time” inspired treat to bring to vape meets. It’s cinnamon roll and cookie dough mixed together and then stuffed with a variety of chocolate bars. The vapers choice seems to be a combination of 3 wonderbars, 4 Twix bars, 12 Reese peanut butter cups, and sprinkled with Reses Pieces. The thing weighs about 10 pounds when its fully baked and brings vapers from all around!


When did you start vaping and why?

I originally started vaping to quit smoking in 2013. I was successful and actually stopped vaping all together. At the time I used a cigalike to quit the stinky’s. Around 2015 I was going through some difficult things and found myself closet smoking the occasional cigarette so I decided to pick up vaping again and I haven’t looked back.


What’s the best part about vaping for you?

Honestly and I say this with the most genuine intent, it’s the community. Vaping has introduced me to so many hard working entrepreneurs and advocates. I am so proud to be a part of an industry where direct competitors offer support by repping each others products. I am also very proud to be working with the bigger Canadian companies who have come together to form events like Canadas Vape Expo. Then there is the whole Advocacy side of things like our Canadian Vaping Association and Vapour Advocates of Ontario who help fight off unfair regulation for both vendors and the public.

Best part about vaping Rose Thompson


What is your favourite mod and tank combo and why ?

I am a die hard fan of the hexohm. I use two; a purple v2 and a white v3. They are tough and reliable. My fave atty is the Petri by Dot Mod with Definitive Coils. I like that I can dress them up with the different cap colours and of course a double helix tip!



What eLiquid can you not live without and why?

I cannot live without my Panda’s Aaron Leppie and Michael Pham. They own Drip Social and just recently launched a juice called #vapepockee which tastes exactly like the Asian treat. An unsalted pretzel dipped in creamy strawberry. But there is more to just the juice. They are friends and absolutely hilarious. In the winter, as a part of their last launch, lvl2 under the Kloud Panda ejuice line, I did some promo for them, which included making me dress up as a fat panda to vape all over Facebook. The response was… just freaking hilarious. It really came full circle when I got them back at Juice Jam 2016. It was 30 degrees and an outdoor event. I brought the panda suit and in turn made Aaron wear it in the sweltering heat while a bunch of people snapped pics!



You run a Facebook group called Vape Tricks and Dipshits where did this name come from?

It was all happenstance. In 2015 I joined a few local vape groups on Facebook. It was such a welcoming experience. I could reach out for suggestions about products and device troubleshooting. I then started making videos discussing vape stuff and as a result of my playful and mostly dumb character people found me amusing. My good friend Mateo wanted a way to grab my videos to play in his store, Sir Vape A Lot. We decided that I would put them in a private group. Because of my Dipshit persona and Mateo being a tricker, it was so natural to call the group Vape Tricks and Dipshits. From there I added vape friends and my persona grew to be Queen of the Dipshits. I got the title of Queen from the members because I worked very hard at cultivating a respectful, playful and safe environment. We all know about the battery wars and elitist dillholes that lurk in any vape group! It took many rant posts, which included public humiliation for members who were rude but I always made sure to end on a companionate note. My goal was not to exile members but rather problem solve and most times I didn’t need to remove anyone. These Facebook fights were a perfect opportunity to define what it is to be a Dipshit;

Dipshits are informed about vaping laws that affect them, respectful and kind. We are silly and sometimes stupid but never unsafe when operating our devices.

We offer advice to fellow vapers and support each other.

We don’t sling our dicks screaming “mines bigger than yours!” Or make fun of someone’s set up. We make light of all things vape.

We especially DO NOT argue with each other or use abusive language when we see a fellow member doing something undipshit like.

If you wish to challenge me, please search “Rant Post” and observe the many ways in which I will humiliate you. Remember this is my group and it is full of hypocritical contradictions. #itsallaboutme

Just like sibling fights…. You all get a slap whether you deserve it or not!

And as always, I love you but you are all a bunch of Dipshits.

Facebook Group Vape Tricks and Dipshits


Tell us a bit about 11:11

11:11 Vape was first created as a place to get Vape Tricks and Dipshits apparel. Then I got carried away….

I have found an industry that supports my generation of 30 somethings. Vaping has allowed me to develop a persona and the Dipshits brand! 11:11 Vape is an off shoot of my other business 11:11 Tarot. And the name is also a lot more palatable compared to Dipshits. I started making vape bands and shirts which took off, and then slowly added juice and a small amount of hardware. Remember I still work full time.

My goal then grew into “breaking stereotypes by perpetuating them”. My business email Vapingdipshits@outlook.com is an example of busting up the stereotypical ways of doing business. Its definitely an ice breaker when talking to new distro!

We are seeing a cultural shift in business dealings within my generation and it’s all very exciting. I am very grateful to work with some of the best juice companies and mod makers. Our time is now!

Rose Thompson the owner of 1111 Vape

Where can people buy your products

Right now I am only online at 1111vape.com. I can only ship within Canada but hopefully as our Canadian vapers continue to band together, we will push regulation to ship outside of Canada without fear of loosing our merchant services.

 Vape Tricks and Dipshits Clothing

What’s next for 11:11 Vape?

This is exciting! I will be at Canada’s Vape Expo Ottawa in November of this year selling Dipshits Apparel and launching a few new surprises! It would be very exciting to see some UK vapers visit the event!!


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    Danny September 18, 2016 at 2:34 pm

    Wow this Chick is so hot

  2. Reply
    Allie September 18, 2016 at 3:14 pm

    Wow this Chick is so fun, creative, and talented. The article shows she is a social justice advocate, a promoter of a respectful internet community and inspiring in her successful business pursuits.

    LifeOnVape, thanks for writing an article which brings this all out and selecting beautiful photos that show her confidence as well – which yes, makes a person hot.

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    Caine Albright September 18, 2016 at 9:36 pm

    I know Rose personally, shes very fun to be around and positive vibes with her all the time 🙂

    • Reply Damian
      Damian September 19, 2016 at 11:02 pm


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